Sunday, April 6, 2014

Book Trailers - A Chat with Deb

National Library Week is April 13 - 19.  How about having your students create:

Watch this episode of Chat with Deb to see how to help your students to prepare a storyboard and create a book trailer using iMovie.

iMovie Sample from Deb Norton on Vimeo.

Trailer (Theme Bollywood)

Alexia - Dork DIaries from Deb Norton on Vimeo.

Planning sheet
Drawing Pad
Trailer Planning sheets (these are awesome!)

Alternatives sites for creating Book Trailers:
YouTube Editor
Photo Story 3 (comes with Windows)

Thank you to Intel and Teachers Engage for sponsoring this episode of Chat with Deb.


Mrs. Ermatinger said...

Thanks Deb!! I've been thinking about doing something like this and you've inspired me to make Book Trailers with my students!

Deb Norton said...

Mrs. Ermatinger,
That is wonderful! Let's make sure to take the time to share our class book trailers with each other!