Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kahoot Gives Us New Choices and Updates!

The amazing Kahoot student response tool now has some new features!

First of all, you can now put a YouTube video as the cover image of your quiz.  So when students are putting in the pin and their nickname, the video will be playing.

Another feature I've been playing with is uploading a gif instead of an image for some of the questions.  This really adds a nice feel to the quiz.  Check out this quick recording I did of one of my quizzes with a video and gifs:

Would you like to add a gif to your Kahoot?  Click here to read a blog post I wrote about how to make Gifs.

There is also the option to play a YouTube video in place of an image for a question.  I gave this a try, but it did not work for me.  This is an experimental feature.

Another great feature is the ability to duplicate any public quiz and adjust the questions and answers to work for you.  I tried this feature and it worked great!

Kahoot continues to just get better and better!!!!  I hope you give these new features a try!

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