Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tab Cloud Chrome Extension

How many tabs do you have opened in your browser?  Yes, I'm asking you right now; how many tabs?

I personally have quite a few:

Perhaps the Tab Cloud extension could be helpful to you.  
Here is how it works:
You are at work and you have several tabs opened on your Chrome browser that you are working on.  It's time to go home and you want to continue working with the same sites you have opened when you get home.  Or perhaps you are taking a night off and you want to come back to the same tabs the next day.  The Tab Cloud extension will save your opened tabs for you and allow you to reopen them another time and place.  Even on a different computer!

To get the extension, visit the Chrome Web Store and search for Tab Cloud.  A quick way to find extensions is to click on the extensions tab at the top.

Once installed, you simply need to click on the Tab Cloud extension in your extensions bar to save the tabs you have opened. You can even name the collection of tabs.  This is very useful if you are a presenter and you need a certain collection of tabs for your presentation, or a teacher and you need a certain collection of tabs for a lesson.

If I want to save the collection of tabs that I have opened, I will simply click on the save icon at the top.  Each opened tab is shown with a small icon showing what the web page is.  In this case I have Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, Chrome Web Store, Blogger, Gmail and Google opened.

As you can see below, I have saved several collections of tabs with the extension.  The top one was for a site with microscope pictures, then a collection of tabs for the Google Summit I presented at and another collection for a presentation for my students.  Then if I click on the green plus, a new window will open with the collection of tabs.  If I click on the red minus my collection of tabs will be deleted.  

This extension has been very helpful to me and has saved me a lot of time.  I highly recommend trying the Cloud Tab extension!

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