Thursday, September 5, 2013

A of Spelling Activities

Recently I was asked by some of our grade level staff to share my spelling Google Site that I use with our students each week to assign different types of spelling activities.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to share the site, since I have turned on page permissions so that most of my pages are not visible at this time. (I make the pages available as the school year progresses.)

So, today I will share some of the sites and resources that I use to find different types of activities for our students each week. Basically I just did a Google search for "activities for spelling words" and found many great ideas.

I put the ideas that I liked into (If you haven't used yet, you should give it a try.)  Here is my list:

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In addition to these I use:
  • Spelling - I have a paid subscription and we use it every week on our laptops and on iPads.  We take our tests on Friday using Spelling City. 
  • SMART Notebook 11 software - We use our SMART board and the software to create collages, games, word sorts, etc.  SMART Notebook has endless types of games and activities to create.
  • This year we're going to try a new app on iPads called Spellboard.   Spellboard lets the teacher enter words and then students can practice their words and take a test.  I'm excited to try this new app and see how manageable it will be with a whole class.

I hope this list is helpful and that you get a chance to check out

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