Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Getting a Little Help From my Friends - Google Books and Google Search

My co-teacher and I often begin the year with a few mini lessons in reading.  This year one of the lessons we are starting with is a lesson on making connections. 

We searched and found a simple presentation on the Internet to use.  I love that searching Google led to a presentation that will save us a lot of time and will supplement our lesson perfectly.

This presentation suggests using the book "The Best School Year Ever" by Barbara Robinson to practice the skill of making connections.  So I turned to Google Books to find this book.

I simply typed in and searched for the title.   I found that the book costs $1.99 which was within my price range!  I used Google Wallet to purchase the ebook version.

Here are the results for a search for the book "Shiloh".

When we use this book in our lesson in class, we can project the ebook on our SMART Board. There are some helpful features we can take advantage of when using an ebook from Google Books.

I think our students will enjoy reviewing making connections with the Google Presentation and using Google Books to practice the skill.  

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