Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Summer Goals (Caution: This Post is Not all About Technology)

Ahhhh!  Summer is almost here.  I am beginning to set some goals for myself.  Do you set summer goals?  Here is what I'm planning:

#1 Read.  I have not picked up my Kindle in over a month.  That makes me very sad.  My first goal is to read a book a week this summer.  My favorite ways to find good books are the New York Times Best Seller List on Amazon or Pixel of Ink.

#2 Walk.   I truly need to get out and walk more to get some exercise.  Perhaps I will use the Map My Walk app to get me motivated.  Losing weight would be wonderful too.  It will be much easier to work on this goal this summer when I have the time to dedicate myself to this goal.

#3 Cook.  During the school year I really struggle to create different meals each night.  I tend to rely on the typical tacos, spaghetti and pizza.  My goal is to find some healthier recipes to cook for my family.  One place I look for recipes is  I also really like watching the Food Network channel and I have become a fan of The Pioneer Woman's blog and TV show.  Oh, and I also like Trisha Yearwood's Southern Kitchen show.

#4 Baseball.  I plan to attend every single baseball game possible this summer.  My son, Ryan, is such a talented baseball player.  He always amazes me with his quick thinking and skill as a catcher.  For me, baseball is a chance to laugh and relax with friends and to support my son in his love for this sport.

#5 Technology. You're not surprised by this one, are you?  My goals this summer are to participate in more webinars, expand my Google Plus circles, keep up with my Feedly, master Camtasia Studio and create new flipped videos for next year's math series, design more blended learning courses on Schoology,  spend more time on Twitter supporting my PLN, explore more Google Apps, have successful presentations in Sparta, WI as a member of Naomi Harm's Consulting Team, and finally make the most of attending ISTE in June.  I'm sure I will add to this list as the summer progresses.

Well, that should be enough to keep me busy.  However, there is one more goal that I have set for myself, and that is to continue to blog through out the summer and share technology with all of you. Blogging is something I enjoy so very much.  Thank you for taking time to read my blog and for giving me an audience to share it with.

Happy Summer Everyone!

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