Monday, April 1, 2013

Fakebook Creator from

My son, Ryan, needed to do several projects for his Social Studies class, where they are studying the Revolutionary War.  One of the projects was to create a Facebook Page for a famous person from the Revolutionary War.

I showed him the site Fakebook, and he was off!  Fakebook allows a person to create a fake Facebook page for anyone they choose.  The site was fairly easy to use.  Ryan watched the 1 min. and 41 sec. tutorial.  Ryan had to create the information and posts that the historical figures would have said.  This was true synthesis of the information he had learned.  

Click here to see Ryan's work in progress for his Fakebook of Paul Revere.  He ended up with much more than this page shows, but I have since misplaced the link.  In the end, Ryan printed off the Fakebook page and turned it into the teacher.  He also could have gone paperless and just shared the link with his teacher.

There is a gallery of Fakebooks for people to peruse through which helped to give Ryan ideas about what to create for a profile and for posts.  

Fakebook is part of a site called  This site has so many amazing tools and templates.  A person can make a fake Twitter page or a Fake SMS (text message) as well.  

I highly recommend checking out and letting your students explore the different templates.  Of course not all of the tools available will be appropriate for all students.

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