Monday, February 4, 2013

This Video Just Makes Me Happy

It's that time of year when we hold meetings to inform parents about the choices they have for their children.  In our building we have two choices for the students.  One is a project based Charter school (Quest) and the other is MPES (Murray Park Elementary School).  Both schools offer different learning and teaching styles.

As part of this meeting, my co-teacher and I decided to put together a video showcasing what 5th grade at MPES looks like.  We sure had fun putting the video together and it helped us to step back and celebrate our students and how much they do each and every day in our classroom and in our school.

Take a look:

MPES 5th Grade Parent Video from Deb Norton on Vimeo.

You can really sense from the video how much our students love learning at MPES.  I feel very fortunate to teach in the Ripon Area School District and in particular at Murray Park Elementary School. 

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