Monday, February 11, 2013

Some Great Ideas for Your SMART Board

The day has come.  I'm ready to share my health unit SMART board lessons. It really feels good to finally share these lessons.  

If you are a 5th grade teacher who teaches the systems of the human body, these lessons can be projected on your SMART board and used to teach the content.  You may wish to supplement with your own assessments and activities following the lessons.
As you may know, I started creating these lessons three years ago and it has been a work in progress.  Each year I work to improve and spice up the lessons to make them better.  Now that the lessons are of a quality that I am happy with, I have decided to upload all of my lessons to the SMART Exchange site so that they can be available to anyone who would like them.  I am also sharing them via my Weebly site where they are available to download.  (Check back often as more lessons will be added each week.) 

Here are some great posts I have come across lately that are also sharing some great lessons and techniques:

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Also, remember to check for updates to keep your SMART Notebook software working to its optimum performance.

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