Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year = Get Organized!

Happy New Year!

I thrive on organization.  Would you like to be more productive and organized in 2013?  Here are some ideas to get you started in your classroom:

#1 - Pencil, Pen or Crayon Organization.  How many times do our students need a certain color and they end up looking through a bucket for several minutes?  Check out this idea!
I'm going to get our colored pencils sorted by color using this great idea!

#2 - Class list at your fingertips.  When we have a drill I always have to remember to grab our class list.  This tip will allow me to have my list with me at all times!

#3 - Classroom Library Check Out.  Until now I haven't really had a great way to check books out to our students from our classroom.  Well, there is an app for that!  Classroom Organizer is a free web-based check out system for your classroom library.  The app works in conjunction with the website.

#4 - Plastic Bag Storage.  We currently use empty Kleenex boxes to store our plastic bags in.  This really is a great tip!

#5 - Paper Roll Holder.  This is a great tip for not just wrapping paper, but also the rolls of paper or posters in your classroom.

#6 - Kleenex and Waste Basket for a Cold.  When a student has a runny nose, put this on the student's desk to prevent them from having to get out of their desk for a kleenex or the waste basket.

#7 - Label those shelves.  This is a great tip for labeling shelves without having to put sticky labels right on the shelf.  The best part is that you can move the clips around easily!  Click here for more binder clip ideas.

#8 - A Neat Way to Call on Students.  This is a great idea on how to call on students so that you don't miss anyone.

#9 - New Desk Arrangement.  How about starting out the new year with a new desk arrangement.  Check out the web site Classroom Desk Arrangement for many great ideas!
#10 - Desk organizer.  One of my favorite purchases that helps keep me organized is my circular, rotating desk organizer.  It holds the papers and items I need each and every day without looking cluttered and messy.  Mine looks something like this:

Have fun getting organized and let me know if you have a great organizational tip.

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