Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sites with Videos that Teach!

Last week in math I needed to teach students how to compare decimals.  I have been creating flipped video lessons for my students, but for this lesson I decided to use a video lesson that was already created.

Math Live is a site with video lessons that covers four main areas.

One great feature of the Math Live video is that it shows how the math skill applies to a real life skill.  In the comparing decimal video the skill was used to read the nutritional value of food labels.  The video is also interactive and is scaffolded into small chunks, which keeps the students interested and attuned.  We projected the video on our SMART board and worked our way through the lesson together.  Students completed problems on their white boards when the lesson became interactive.  
I could also see students using the Math Live videos independently.  

Another site that has video lessons that students really connect with is  This site allows you to use the videos and customize your own flipped lesson.  Watch this video to see how Ted Ed works.

I have written about Ted Ed before here.  The only downfall about using the Ted Ed site is that the videos are hosted by YouTube which is blocked at our level.  One option is to show the video to the entire class on your SMART board and then use the other parts of the lesson (Quick Quiz, Think, Dig Deeper) all together, but this really loses the impact of flipping the lesson.  

I plan to show this Ted Ed video when my students are ready to learn about cells:

Here are the categories that the videos are organized into:

Brain Pop
Of course another great site for teaching with videos is Brain Pop.  We use Brain Pop all of the time to aid in our lessons.  Each video comes with a quiz, activities and FYI.  

If you have a site that teaches topics through video, please share with the rest of us!

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