Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Updates for Evernote, Kidblog, and Prezi

One of the things I embrace with technology is the fact that it is ever changing.  Within the past few months three of the sites that I use frequently have had updates.

#1 Evernote - This is one of my favorite apps / web sites for personal organization.  Read about the newest enhancements here. The biggest change is in sharing and permission options.  Read my past blogpost about Evernote here.

#2 Kidblog - In my opinion, the best blogging platform for classrooms on the Internet.  Kidblog has made some major changes and I'm loving what I see.  Read about the 14 newest features by clicking here.  Some of my favorites are the Private Comments feature, the new Navigation Bar, and the Blogroll Widget.

#3 Prezi - I had heard about Prezi's updates when I read this post just last week.  The 3D Background sounded neat.  Then I was reading Kevin Hodgson's fantastic blog, Kevin's Meandering Mind,  in which Kevin shared some of his students Six Word Summer Memoirs in the form of a Prezi.
Check out the cool 3D background!

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