Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Pleasant Day Thanks to Class Dojo

Yesterday I introduced our students to Class Dojo.  I showed them how it works and how they could either be awarded points or lose points for following the classroom rules.  
This is a pretend class, not our class.

Then, throughout the day I walked around with Class Dojo loaded on our iPad through a browser.  I would often award the whole class for good behavior or take away points from individuals for not following the rules.  

The students really responded to knowing that I was watching their behavior.  We barely had anyone break the rules. 

At the end of the day I brought up our whole class results which looked like this.  We had a discussion about how we did as a whole group.

Then I emailed each student their personal results which looked like this.

Unfortunately, the student emails didn't go through, so I'm thinking it is in the Quarantine Summary for Spam.  

This site took only a short time to set up and I found it so easy to use.  I won't be using Class Dojo all day every day, but I will for sure consider it a tool to use often for classroom management.

I highly recommend giving Class Dojo a try.


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