Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Digital Backpack

Wow, supply lists sure have changed over the years. 
I've noticed that we have been asking for fewer and fewer school supplies since receiving our 1:1 laptops.  All we ask for are a few folders, some looseleaf paper, some pencils and a few odds and ends.  Don't worry, we still glue, color, cut and create every day. 
Today our goal is to fill our students' desks with digital tools that promote creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving skills.

Here are the digital tools our students will need to start the school year:

  • Google Apps for Education including:  Gmail, Google Drive (no more Dropbox for us), Google Sites, Google Presentations and Google Forms                      
  • SMART Notebook 11 this is usually one of our students favorite places for creating projects.
  • Kidblog most of our students have never blogged before 5th grade.  They love sharing through the blog and leaving comments on each other's blogs.
  • Wallwisher this sticky note site is a great tool for our students.  There are endless ways to use this site. 

  • Glogster making an online poster is also new to most of our students.  When they delve into including multi-media such as audio, video and animation, amazing creativity explodes.
  • Spelling City We pay for the premium service of Spelling City and it allows our students to experience a new way to practice and learn spelling skills.  This site basically makes our spelling class a blended learning environment.
  • Lead 21 online portal This site comes to us via our reading series.  Our students are able to listen to stories online, write collaborative stories, play vocabulary games, participate in a discussion panel, and so much more!  Another great site for providing a blended learning environment.
  • Prezi Our students find that creating a Prezi presentation is a great way to use many forms of media.  The end result is quite impressive!
  • Bubbl.us Hands down our students' favorite tool for making a concept map or web.  

In addition, here are the digital tools I will need to start my school year:

  • Today's Meet -This is by far one of my favorite tools for communication.  I take the time to teach students how to participate properly in a chat room. 
  • Course Director -A Learning Management System integrated with Google.  Seriously, this is the future of education.  I can't wait for our students to participate in online courses!
  • Educreations -Can you say Flipped Classroom Lessons?  I started this last year, and I am ready to keep this going.  This is the easiest whiteboard iPad app I've found for making videos. 
  • Twitter - I can't live without my PLN or social media.  It is brings me inspiration and a wealth of resources every day.
  • Blogger -I'm all about sharing and I believe this blog touches many teachers and students lives in some technological way.  Thank you to all the Bloggers out there for sharing what you know!
  • Class Dojo - Behavior management in a new way.  Customizable to your class rules and expectations.  You have to give this tool a try.

And that's just a start.  Throughout the school year we will add to our "technology desks" and students will grow in their 21st century skills.  

What types of digital tools are you starting your school year with?

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Anonymous said...

The things I'm familiar with in this list are uniformly brilliant, so I'm really looking forward to exploring the unfamiliar stuff you've recommended. Thanks for sharing.