Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I Love the App Called Bump!

Yeah!  I have found a new and improved way to get a photo from my iPad directly to my laptop.

In the past, if I would take a photo on my iPad and then want that photo on my laptop, I would email the photo to myself.  But now there is an awesome new app called Bump.  With Bump you can simply take a photo from your iPad and literally bump the iPad with the spacebar on your computer, and the photo will appear on your computer.  You need to open the URL http://bu.mp and the photo will then be available for sharing or downloading.  This is much faster than emailing a photo to yourself.  This app also works with an iPhone or Android phone.  

All of the screenshots below were "bumped" to my laptop with the Bump App.

This app will be very convenient for our students when they want to get photos from the iPad onto their laptops.  I highly recommend using the Bump app. 

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