Monday, June 18, 2012

Sites for Teaching Yourself

Here are some great sites to teach yourself some new topics over the summer.

#1 - Teacher Training Videos by Russell Stannard.  I have used these tutorials to learn about tons of websites and tools.  The site is not the easiest to navigate through.  I often use the tabs at the top of the page and the left sidebar to help find what I am looking for. 

Some of the tutorials I've used are:
Today's Meet (chat platform)
Glogster (online poster)
Voicethread (collaboration tool)

#2 - Learn it in 5 has simple how-to videos that are mostly under 5 minutes.  There are a lot of topics to learn about.  Click here for the video library.  

I recommend watching:
Twitter Basics (social networking)
Video Flipping (Flipped Classroom Lessons)
Skype (video conferencing)

#3 - Common Craft These are my favorite; probably because they are very visual.  I like the paper slide video format and how they explain complicated subjects in a simplistic way.

Try viewing:
Cloud Computing (storing data online)
Phishing Scams (fraudulent people trying to steal your info)
QR Codes (a matrix barcode)
Web Search Strategies (how a search engine works)

Learning about new technologies is one of my favorite pastimes.  I hope you find some time to teach yourself new things over the summer.  Enjoy.

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