Friday, June 15, 2012

My Professional ePortfolio

This past week I've been working hard to update my professional ePortfolio.  I first made this ePortfolio two years ago and it amazes me how many of my pages were out of date in such a short time.  I feel it is my obligation to keep my portfolio current since it took a lot of time to start it up.  Another bonus is that it gives me a great reflection on all that I have accomplished as an educator over the past two years.  If I do say so myself, I have integrated some really impressive technology into our classroom. 

My portfolio centers around the ten Wisconsin Educator Standards and is based on technology, since that is where my passion lies.  

I would like to share my ePortfolio with all of you in hopes that perhaps you will start one of your own.  My ePortfolio is in the format of a wiki.  Other options might be a Prezi, Google Site, Google Presentation, video, blog or even a three ring binder.

Click here to view my ePortfolio.

Even if you make just one page of your portfolio highlighting something you accomplished as an educator and continue to build from there, you will feel good about your achievements.  In our line of work, you need to pat yourself on the back and be proud of what you do.  I hope to use my portfolio to showcase my professional development for submission of a stipend in our new salary and stipend guide.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I stumbled upon your blog and love it! My classroom got iPads this year and your website is very helpful. Have you found a good and inexpensive way to project or mirror your iPad screen onto your computer/SMART Board? I am looking to do that, but am having trouble finding something adequate.

Deb Norton said...

I invested in Apple TV to project my iPad onto my SMART Board. It cost around $100. I have also used a free app called Splashtop to project my computer onto my iPad. Thanks for the comment.