Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two Nice Drawing Sites

Sometimes the best way to explain something is through a drawing. 
Today I'd like to share two drawing sites that have some great features.  One feature that they don't require a registration.  

The first site is FlockDraw.  Here are some of the features:

I especially like the fact that students can work together on a drawing.  

If you use the embed code to embed the drawing on your site, you are actually sharing the link to your drawing and then people can join you and draw with you.  For example, here is a drawing embedded onto a wiki.  If you type in a nickname, you can draw on my picture.  This could be a bit risky with privacy.  I wouldn't use this in my classroom.

Here is a drawing I made using Flockdraw to demonstrate my understanding of classifying triangles.

The second site is called Drawzit.  This site has some really nice features as well.  

  • There is no registration needed 
  • There are how-to videos
  • The ability to upload a picture
  • Fun tools like stamps and shapes
  • Help tips
Here is a drawing, again showing my knowledge of triangles, using Drawzit:

Create your own drawings at!

In this case, I used the embed code to place my drawing right into my blog.  This site doesn't allow for collaboration, so you are not able to draw on my drawing.

I hope you can use these great drawing sites with your students to allow them a new avenue for demonstrating their knowledge of concepts in the classroom.  

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