Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A QR Code Science Lesson


This past week I used QR codes in my science lesson.  This is a lesson I created last year to supplement what my students had learned about the Circulatory System. 


It worked somewhat like a scavenger hunt in that the students were using the QR codes to take them to a website and then they needed to answer some questions or fill in some information from what they had learned from that site.  The QR codes and questions were on small bookmarks.

QR codes were a great way for our students to use the Internet and gather information.  The websites they visited included an interactive site showing the scale of objects, two videos, an informational site and a virtual microscope.  My students were certainly demonstrating the 21st Century skill of digital literacy within this lesson.

Click here to see the bookmarks that I created.  Feel free to make a copy for yourself and adapt this lesson to your needs and content.

Click here to see a previous post about QR codes.  This will explain the download I use on our student laptops to scan the QR codes.

Here is the Google Presentation I used to introduce QR codes to my students earlier in the year.

I hope you can find a way to introduce QR codes to your students and let them experience this amazing technology in an educational way!

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