Monday, March 12, 2012

New Sites for Kids

Here are some sites I'm going to share with my students this week:

#1 I've been exploring a new site called Weather Channel Kids.  

This site if full of fun facts, videos and information about weather.  There are lesson plans for teachers, a parent section and interactive activities for students.  

Weather Channel for Kids is sponsored by The Weather Channel and it looks like a great site to share with your class.

#2 Brain Pop has a new section called Brain Pop Games.  Students can play games in science, social studies, math and health that are linked to Common Core and State Standards.

#3  Comic Builder Lego City looks like a great site to demonstrate some creativity.

Students can create their own comic and add their own dialogue.  

#4 National Geographic for Kids  

This site is so full of interesting, educational pieces of information. 
My own son at home spends a lot of time on this site.  

There are many great skills students can gain by visiting sites such as the ones I am sharing in this blog post.

  • digital literacy
  • evaluation of a site
  • analyzing and synthesizing visual media
  • reflection and sharing of content
  • navigation skills
  • creativity 

Just to mention a few.  I highly recommend giving students the opportunity to build their digital literacy skills through the exploration of educational sites.


Keri said...

Love them all & linked them on my Fun Sites to Try tab. How do you communicate these with your students? Do you post the links on your website or email them or something else?

Keri said...

Great sites! I linked them all on my Fun Sites to Try tab. How do you communicate sites with your students? Through your website? Through email? Other?

Deb Norton said...

Keri, I use a wiki to share sites like these with students.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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