Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It was time for our Scholastic Book Fair this past week.  Students always love exploring the new books available.  

Bookwinks is a site that introduces books to students through video book talks.  The videos are very well done.  A person can search for books by subject, grade level, title or author.  Not every book has a video.  My reading students really enjoyed watching these videos and looking for the books at the Book Fair. 

I highly recommend sharing a video book talk with your students.  It peaks their interest in new books and gives them great motivation to read.

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Keri said...

Already linked it to my Literacy webpage! Like you said, not every book has a video booktalk. If you click the books that don't, you are taken to Amazon to buy the book.

Wouldn't it be awesome if our kids could do the booktalks they wanted to and post them on Bookwink??