Tuesday, February 21, 2012


"If someone would pay me to become a professional learner, I'd be a very happy person."  Deb Norton


Have you ever attended a Webinar?  I have participated in a few and I enjoyed the experience.  

The definition for Webinar is a seminar conducted over the Internet.  Webinars take place every day on the Internet.

Since I enjoy being socially connected with others via the web, I've decided that I would like to try more Webinars.

Simple K12 offers free Webinars.  

Here is a Free Webinar Replay you can listen to right now.  It is a prerecorded webinar, so you aren't connected to anyone.  It is called Saving Time with Innovative Web Tools.

Most of the Simple K12 Webinars require you to register and are conducted live.  A few of the Webinars are for members only.  

Here are some of the upcoming free Webinars.  Keep in mind that they are set to happen in the Eastern time zone, so you need to adjust to your time zone.

A Webinar on Classroom Management

A Webinar on Making Global Connections

A Webinar on the Flipped Classroom (something I am very interested in)

A Webinar on iPad Apps - I've registered for this one! 

A Webinar on Student-driven Projects - this one could be done on our lunch hour!

If you're like me and you enjoy learning something new through the Internet, I highly recommend trying a Webinar.


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