Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Pearltrees is a way to collect things on the Internet.  It is a social bookmarking site that organizes links in a unique "tree" format.

Here is a short YouTube video about Pearltrees.

I love social bookmarking and have accounts for several different sites including: Delicious, Diigo, Pinterest, Livebinders, Twitter, Google Reader and a few others. 

Because I really don't wish to join yet another social bookmarking site, I chose not to join Pearltrees (yet).  However, I am still using Pearltrees to find resources for the classroom.  I have found that searching a topic on Pearltrees can offer some useful results.

Click here to see the results for a search for classroom resources.

Click here to see the results for a search for Digital Storytelling. 

Click here to see the results for a search for President's Day.

Social bookmarking is very powerful.  See if you can follow how my social bookmarking accounts helped me to find some iPad resources.


Here goes:

I was browsing my Google Reader in which I follow a curator, John Evans, who has an account on Scoop.it.  I then opened John's topic called iPads in Education on Scoop.it.  John Evans shared a Pearltrees collection of iPad resources that was put together by mcquirpp.   I then opened the link to Pearltrees to find a huge collection of iPad resources on Pearltrees.  

Talk about socially connected!  The people that I follow in all of my social bookmarking accounts are called my PLN (Personal Learning Network), and I am extremely thankful for all that they share with us each and every day!

I highly recommend using Pearltrees to find resources for education.

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