Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wiki Tricks


Have you ever used a Wiki?  I have been using a Wiki with our students for several years now.  We use the wiki for bell work and to display some videos and projects our students created.  

Click here to start your own wiki.  

Click here to see our classroom wiki.

Recently I discovered a wiki that describes a whole bunch of tricks for doing some cool things on a wiki.  There are a lot of things explained on this wiki that I never knew were possible.  Click here to check it out.

Here are the reasons I like using a wiki:
  • It is easy to embed and add video, audio, and animation to a wiki
  • Wikis are easy to change on a daily basis
  • There are a lot of educational wikis that have great resources for education
  • One of my favorite educational wikis is ITC Magic.  
I highly recommend giving wikis a try!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning my ICTmagic wiki page. I'm glad you find it useful.