Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Highlight Kids

Back in September I wrote a post about Highlight Magazine's new online site.  This site offers a lot of fun games and activities for kids.

Just recently, added a new feature called Story Player.  Story Player offers several original stories from Highlights Magazine.  The stories feature audio, text, and beautiful illustrations.  At the time of this post there were 7 stories available.  More stories will be added each month.

When students click on the Read It tab several options are available for reading and listening to stories.  Some stories are prose and others are poetry.  If the student chooses Story Player, they can then listen to the story being read to them.

Under the Poetry Player tab, there is a poem for Martin 

Luther King Jr.  Martin Luther King Jr. Day is next Monday!

There are other tabs as well, including Play It, Make It and 

Share It.

My favorite activity still remains the Hidden Pictures! 

I highly recommend giving your students some time to 

explore the site.

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