Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wiki Tricks


Have you ever used a Wiki?  I have been using a Wiki with our students for several years now.  We use the wiki for bell work and to display some videos and projects our students created.  

Click here to start your own wiki.  

Click here to see our classroom wiki.

Recently I discovered a wiki that describes a whole bunch of tricks for doing some cool things on a wiki.  There are a lot of things explained on this wiki that I never knew were possible.  Click here to check it out.

Here are the reasons I like using a wiki:
  • It is easy to embed and add video, audio, and animation to a wiki
  • Wikis are easy to change on a daily basis
  • There are a lot of educational wikis that have great resources for education
  • One of my favorite educational wikis is ITC Magic.  
I highly recommend giving wikis a try!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Smart Board Updates - What's New?

Last week I was given the opportunity to attend an Advanced Smart Board Training.  Here are a few things I wanted to share with you from that training.

#1 Update your Smart Notebook 10 Software.  The newest version of SMART Notebook 10 is 10.8.  This update offers some new tools. 

Here is how you update your software.  There are two main ways.
From your start bar:

Or if you already have SMART Notebook opened:

WARNING:  Updating SMART Notebook 10 can take quite a while.  Mine took 30 minutes and I did this at the workshop.  It could take longer at school.  

#2 Here are two new added tools that come with the update 10.8.

 SMART Exchange Tool

 The SMART Exchange Tool is a quick way to connect to SMART Exchange, which is the website that offers SMART Notebook lessons to download for free.  These are lessons (and activities) created by teachers and other professionals for you to download and use in your classroom.  If you haven't joined SMART Exchange, set up an account to access all of the free resources.

 Clear Ink Tool

This tool is a great addition in my opinion.  The Clear Ink Tool will clear a single page of all the writing while leaving any objects in place.  How many times have you wanted to erase all of your writing on a page more quickly than using the eraser?  That is what this tool will do.

#3 What if you have done the update, but the tools don't appear in your toolbar?  Here is how you get the tools.

Right click on the tool bar and a Customize Tool Bars box with all of the tools will pop up.  Just click and drag the tools you want onto the tool bar.  You can also drag any tools you don't want from the tool bar onto the menu of tools.  You can also rearrange the tools in your toolbar by clicking and dragging them .

I will continue to share updates and new features in future blog posts.