Thursday, November 10, 2011

Veteran's Day Activities

Veteran's Day is this Friday and we plan to do a few activities in our classroom to honor the men and women of our country that have bravely served over the years.

Below is a collection of resources I've collected.

Here are some resources that I have found on Pinterest which people shared freely. 

Veteran's Day Word Bank (Click here to download)

Veteran's Day Various Activities (Click here to download

Spelling City has Veteran's Day Vocabulary.  Students can play games, practice the words and test themselves on spelling the words.

Read Write Think has a podcast for teachers discussing books that could be read aloud to students.  I've embedded the podcast below.  The first two books, The Wall and Patrol, I have used with students in the past, and are really great. has a slideshow of Veterans for Veteran's Day.  Click here.

Wonderopolis has a YouTube video that explains Veteran's Day.  (*There is a tiny bit of advertising)  I've embedded the video below.

And finally, if you still need more Veteran's Day resources, click here for a livebinder filled with more ideas. 

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AWESOME!!! Thanks a ton!