Monday, November 7, 2011

Two Tools for Vocabulary and Spelling

I am always looking for new tools to use with our Words Their Way word studies.  Lately we've been working a lot on synonyms, antonyms and word meanings.  

Some of our favorite tools for working with our words have been:

Today I have two new tools to share with you!

Recently I came across a new application called Easy Define.

This site is great for looking up definitions for a lot of words all at once. See the screen captures below.

 Here I copied and pasted three words.  You can paste as many as you wish.

 When you click the List tab, your words show up with definitions.

 Under the extras tab you can get synonyms for your words, quiz yourself, get flashcards in the form of a printable word document, or you can get worksheets.  

Worksheets can be viewed online or downloaded.  Above are all of the choices.  I could see generating these for practice of reading or content area vocabulary, as well as spelling words.

  The How to Use tab explains all that Easy Define has to offer.

Another site I am currently playing around with  is called Word Stash.  It looks very promising for creating lists, flashcards and gamesHere are a few things to know:

  •  Wordstash can be used without an account to just look up the definition of a word.

  • Teachers can create a teacher account and share flashcards with students.
  • Words must be entered to make flashcards.  Definitions for each word can be typed in manually or chosen from a list provided.
  • There are many choices available for practicing words. Some examples are m/c, fill in the blank, drag and match, and a game called Waterfall.

The more I explore Wordstash, the more possibilities I see for studying spelling words as well as vocabulary for science and social studies.

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