Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Create a Full Screen Message

Graas is a site that allows you to type a message and then copy a link to share that message with others.  Once you have typed your message, you can change the style, font, background and colors.  I'm sure there are many ways to use Graas with students.  

I think it would be neat to have students type a message like this one click here and then email it to their parents.  This would be a fun way to announce an accomplishment.  

Students could also send messages to their classmates or to teachers announcing something special such as this one

Can you think of other ways to use Graas with your students?  Please share.


Heidi Hopp said...

Deb- I think it is great that you keep us up to date with the latest in technology!

Deb Norton said...

Thank you, Heidi! I love sharing on my blog.

Tami Draxler said...

My school has a vocabulary enrichment program called Wonder Words. Each week a classroom is responisble for presenting five words from the list to the whole school via a PA announcement, poster in the cafeteria, or signs around school. We haven't used e-mail to share the words previously, but now I am envisioning a banner with a word, definition and symonyms being sent to each classroom to be shared on the projector. FUN!!!