Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gadgets in Google Docs You Might Not Know About

I have been enjoying trying out some of Google's Gadgets that you can add to a Google Spreadsheet and then embed into a site.  I think these will be enjoyable for our students to create  Take a look at the samples and then watch the video to see how this is done!

This gadget is called Flash Cards Gadget.  Use the blue buttons to practice the words. 

This gadget is called Word Search Gadget.  Find the words and then click and drag over the letters to select the word.

This gadget is called Advanced Word Cloud.  It is similar to a Wordle.

This gadget is called Bars of Stuff.  It is used to show the numerical value of different items.  You can choose from several options of how to display the bars.  I chose rope for this one.

This gadget is called Map.  It shows the location of data you enter into the spreadsheet.  

And this gadget is called Word Study Gadget.  It is used to help students study vocabulary and spelling words.  Click and move the letters to put them in the correct order.  If a letter is colored, then it is in the correct place.    

Watch this screencast to see how to make these gadgets.

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