Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Digital Media Site

I just finished teaching a session on digital media.  There are a lot of tools out there for creating online slideshows with your pictures.  Here is a neat site I found that is web-based and simple for students to use.

Showbeyond allows you to make a slideshow with your pictures.  You can then add titles, captions, and audio with your slideshow.  

To share your slideshow you can email it, share the link or embed it into your site.  

Here is the slideshow I made:


Keri said...

LOVE most of it - just can't seem to get text - I click "Click here to edit text" and I can't seem to get any text to start - did you have this problem? Thanks for sharing - I look forward to playing around with it some more.


Deb Norton said...

Hi Keri,
I did not have any difficulties at all. I was using Firefox for a browser and I allowed pop ups. Good luck.