Monday, March 28, 2011

Kids Know It

Here is a web site that seems to have a lot of everything!  It is called

First of all there are tons of educational games to be played on all academic areas.  Here is one on the U.S. States.  These are the different categories:

There are learning activities that teach all kinds of topics. Here is one on the human body.  Others include dinosaurs, state capitals, rocks and solar system, just to name a few.

There are educational songs to listen to.  Check out this one on capitalization.

Next, there are movies that teach different topics. Check out this one on averages.   Averages is a hard topic to teach, but this video does a great job explaining it so kids understand what averages are.

There are 32 movies available!

Also there is an online virtual world called Miamiopia that kids can join and explore.  Registration involves creating a username and password.  No email is required.  Check it out here.

To sum it up, KidsKnowIt has their own websites for each of the following topics.  Just click on the words to go to each website.

Animal Data Base 
Human Biology Site
Astronomy Site
Math Site
Biology Site
Memory Site
Dinosaur Site
Movie Site
Games Site
Music Site
Geography Site
Spelling Site  *You may recognize this one.  It is  I've posted about this site before.

Geology Site
History Site

KidsKnowIt has a lot to offer.  I will be using this site to supplement my lessons and to offer students time to learn and have fun during our computer skills time.


Keri said...

More great resources - thanks, Deb! I really like the USA Map Match Game. Links are already posted on my website.

Stacey said...

WoW Deb! This is an amazing site of resources. I can't wait to have the kids try it. :)