Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Week's Tip

This week tip is about using You Tube videos with your students.  In our district You Tube is blocked to our students, and I agree that it should be.  Recently I've been working on putting our health units on the human body onto Smart Notebook in the form of online interactive lessons.  Part of my interactive lessons involves using You Tube videos to enhance the lesson.  When we are learning about a body system, I will show the lesson on the smart board and then link an image to a You Tube video for the class to watch.  Since we have one-to-one computers, I have been trying to find a way to upload the You Tube videos directly into the Smart Notebook lesson. 

Recently I came across a site called Clip Converter.  It allows you to download any You Tube video onto your computer by just copying and pasting the URL into the Clip Converter site.  I then download, save and insert the video directly into Smart Notebook. You need to convert You Tube videos to FLV for Smart Notebook.  I found this method to be simple and easy.  It works great because my students can view the You Tube video on their own without needing to go onto the Internet.

I recently helped students in Brenda Rapp's class use You Tube and Clip Converter to prepare videos to show at Thursday's Quest Open House.  I had fun working with these students and now Mrs. Rapp has a You Tube site!

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