Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This Week's Tip

How Well Do You Know Your Remote?

Here is a quick overview of some useful buttons on your remote for your projector.  There are a few buttons that will make your job much easier.  

One is called Pic-mute. The function of this button is to turn off the image and sound from the projector for a short period of time.  It does not shut off the projector, but rather just mutes it like the mute button on a TV.  Your screen will go blank.  To resume the image and sound, just push the Pic-mute button again.  This is useful when you want to stop using the Smart Board for a short period of time without turning off the projector.

Another button is the Freeze button.  It will freeze whatever is being projected onto your screen and allows you as the teacher to do other things on your computer without the students seeing what your are doing.  The picture is "frozen" and remains that way until you click Freeze again.  I find this useful if there are directions or information on the Smart Board, but I need to check AR, Gmail, or another document. 

There is another button that is useful.  This is the Magnify button that makes the image on your screen larger or smaller.   Too many times the image on the Smart Board is too small for the students to see.  Rather than trying to increase the font or enlarging the image, the magnify button will zoom in on the screen.

To see all of the buttons available and what each button does, see this link to the owner's manual for the MPES and Quest projectors.  

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