Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jigsaw Puzzle Site

This jigsaw puzzle site is easy to use! It is called Jigsaw Planet.
I uploaded this image into the site. I then created a puzzle. I could choose the number of pieces,the shape of the pieces, and whether to allow rotation. I then copied the embed code and placed it onto this blog. You can click on "image" to see the picture, if you click on "ghost" it puts the image lightly in the background. There is also a button called "scatter" that mixes up the puzzle pieces again. You need to have Java installed on your computer to display these puzzles. You can get Java here.

I used Jigsaw Planet last week to introduce a topic in reading and placed a puzzle on our class wiki. These puzzles also work well on the smart board.  Our students love it!


Janet said...

This was fun! I made a 13 colonies map puzzle and plan to use it tomorrow with the class. Thanks so much! I know the kids will love it!

Deb Norton said...

Oh! I like that idea to make a 13 colonies puzzle. Maps are a great idea for this!

Jessi said...

This would be great to use as an intro to something new. It would build excitement and motivate the kids while it hints towards the new topic. Thanks!