Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gmail for Your Students

Have you used Gmail with your students yet?  Each of your students has a Gmail account already set up.  Their usernames are their graduation year (18, 19, 20) followed by their last name and first initial.  The password is ripon followed by their graduation year.  
For example:  18smithr and ripon2018 

Parents had to give permission to allow their child to use email.  You should already have the forms that show if they have permission (Pam gave you these earlier in the year). We had 3 students whose parents hadn't signed the permission form and when I explained that we would be using email as a way to send and return assignments and activities, all 3 of the parents agreed to give their child permission.  (If you would like to use the letter I sent home explaining this to parents, just let me know and I can send it to you.)  

We use Gmail in a lot of different ways.  One way that we have been using Gmail is to send our students Notebook 10 activities to work on.  It is a great way to have each student complete an interactive activity.  We have also sent them Microsoft Word documents which they need to complete and return.  I'll be talking about other ways to use Gmail with students in future posts.

If you haven't tried Gmail with your students yet, I suggest you give it a try!  I would go in as each student first to make sure each students' email works and also to set up their email for them.  The first time they go in it requires a word verification which can be difficult for students. 


Keri said...

PERFECT TIMING! Our Welsh email pen pals started emailing to my email address TODAY - and now, I'll just forward them to the students' emails (after I make sure they're working properly). HOORAY!!!

Deb Norton said...

Just a clarification, students' usernames are their graduation year, lastname, first initial followed by Example: If they use the link off of the Ripon Website, it already has the Thank you Keri for asking about this! Good luck with your Welsh pen pals.

Vicki said...

The Halloween video of your family is hilarious Deb! I know my students will have a blast creating their own. I'm planning to use some of your ideas for our party day! Thanks Deb!