Thursday, October 21, 2010

Activity TV

You have to check out Activity TV.  This site is amazing and it lends really well to project based learning!  Students can find out how to do all kinds of different things including origami, juggling, magic, science projects, crafts and on and on!  Each activity has a TV program to watch and print outs as well.  I could try to explain this site in more detail, but honestly the easiest way to get to know what Activity TV is all about is to check it out for yourself.  I could see students learning how to do something on this site and then sharing what they have learned with their peers.  I think Activity TV has a lot of potential!  What do you think?


Jessi said...

I think this would be a great opportunity for student choice in a project. The students could also create a how to demonstration, which would tie in oal speaking skills.

Deb Norton said...

My son, Robert learned a magic trick and also tried to learn juggling from this site! I haven't actually used it with our students yet, but I agree with Jessi, the students could develop great oral speaking skills if they present what they learned.

Keri said...

Love this too - going on my website!!!